Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brazilian Eats

Last night I went to yet another restaurant located in the MOSAIC building in Harborland. Brasiliano is a popular restaurant with both Japanese and foreign customers. The specialty is barbequed meat. A wide variety of meat is cooked over an open flame and served to you at your table on large squewers. For 2,450 yen (about $25.00) for two hours you can feast from the salad bar, buffet and eat as much meat as you can. For an additional 1,050 yen you can have all you can drink beer or soft drinks.

The atmosphere is a little like a brightly lit dining hall, but the food is amazing. The wonderful and juicy meat is served to you by very friendly Brazilian staff who all speak English.

I first came to this restaurant last year to meet a fellow You Tube video maker, Jason (myargonauts) on his last night in Japan. He was back in town yesterday so we went there again. I have been to Brasiliano five or six times in the last year and enjoy it every time.

The only downside to Brasiliano is eating too much! The following day I always have what I like to call, a "meat hangover."

If you are in Kobe on tour or liv here, check out this amazing place. It is located on the third floor of the Mosaic building and is open seven days a week.

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