Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Japanese Sukiyaki すき焼き

The other day I came across a great "how to" cooking video by a You Tube friend of mine who lives in Calgary, Canada. "MrJingJong" is a huge fan of Asian food and loves to cook. The main focus of his channel is food and food preparation. The video that inspired me to write this post was one where he prepared Japanese Sukiyayki.

Sukiyaki is by far one of my favorite Japanese dishes. It is easy to make, absolutely delicious and a great thing to prepare when you are entertaining friends or family. Japanese sukiyaki is part of the Japanese hot pot family. Several other dishes like this are made by adding many ingredients to a large pot in a soup or stew fashion. Dishes like this are wonderful especially in the colder months of the year.

A few months ago my wife made sukiyaki for dinner. Sukiyaki is normally made in a "hot pot" fashion. The ingredients are added to a large pot and cooked at the table. In an uninsulated Japanese apartment in the middle of the winter, it is and amazing dish for so many reasons. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also heats the room!

Here is my wife's version of homemade sukiyaki. We have a small portable gas range that we use on our dining room table when we make nabe, sukiyaki and yakiniku.

Here is "MrJingJong's" video about making sukiyaki at home. He currently lives in Canada and shows that this amazing Japanese dish can be made with ingredients you can find in Canada.

A Little Online Hiatus
I plan to go on a You Tube hiatus for the next few weeks. I won't be uploading new videos and will spend little time on You Tube. I will however be updating this blog and my Canadian in Kobe blog. if you are curious about the ins and outs of "my" little piece of japan, keep reading!


  1. Being an Asian outside of Asia is getting easier these days. A couple weeks ago though, I did meet a Filipino girl working out in Fairmont, British Columbia that felt a little isolated since its so hard for her to find her favorite foods in that small tourist town. I feel for people in that situation that get homesick and I will be posting a couple authentic Filipino recipes with common ingredients. Peace!