Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Umaebo うまい棒

Today I had one of my favorite Japanese snacks. This is by no means a traditional snack, but one that children love. it has the cheesy/chemical flavor that brought me down memory lane. Umaibo うまい棒 which means "delicious stick" is a puffy and orange corn snack that is very similar to the Canadian snack made by Humpty Dumpty, Cheese Sticks or American Doritos.

These are great little things. they are yummy and cost only 10 yen which the equivalent of 10 cents in either America or Canada. By no means healthy, these little bad boys can be found in any supermarket or convenience store.

The character on the package looks like the famous Japanese cartoon character Doraemon, but is not.

These snacks come in a variety of flavors. I have only tried the cheese flavor (which I love), but there are also flavors such as takoyaki (octopus balls), salad, chocolate and caramel.

If you are interested in interesting and yummy little snacks from Japan, Umaebo うまい棒 might just be for you. If you are into eating healthy and watching your waistline, this might not be what you are looking for!


  1. Sweet. Will try it.
    But where do I see what flavor it is?

  2. hehe I'm eating the takoyaki one right now xD