Monday, March 15, 2010

Kansai Eats: The Beginning

Kansai Eats simply put, is a blog about food. It is about restaurants, dining out, cooking at home and shopping.

Many of you may not be familiar with the word Kansai. The Kansai Region of Japan is an area in the Japan that is made up of several large cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Although part of Japan, Kansai has its on distinct regional dialect, types of food and characteristics among the people. It is often referred to as Japan’s “kitchen.” Kansai people are proud of their cooking, their sense of humour and their culture.

My name is Kevin and I am an educator, blogger and new media content creator. I have been living in the Kansai area for almost two years with my wife who is a native of Osaka. Previous to coming to Japan I had lived in Seoul and Busan, South Korea for more than five years. My wife has also lived in Korea. We are huge fans of Korean cuisine as well as Japanese of course. We enjoy cooking (although my wife is far superior in this department) and enjoy the restaurants in Kobe and Osaka (and everywhere else).

After several years of creating blogs for You Tube, I discovered that many of my most popular videos were those about food. I have been thinking about dedicating a blog to the subject and have finally taken the initiative.

Kansai Eats will not just be about restaurant reviews, but about food in general. It will be about the food you can purchase in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. It will be about cooking at home. It will be about shopping for foreign and local food. It will also be about the culture of food. I will show not just Japanese cuisine, but international food as well.

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  1. Food blogs seem to be all the rage these days.

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